Brian Harrington

Entrepreneur. Political Operative. Creative Consultant. Film Producer. Grace Covered.

Brian Harrington is an anomaly for any millennial-- the multi-hyphenate hipster is an entrepreneur, film producer, and actor.

He is a man of conviction who reveres authority and appreciates authenticity. Harrington refers to himself as being "Grace covered" and gives back to the community whenever possible. 

Harrington's skills, knowledge, and abilities include his professional work with multiple industries such as personal branding, finance, politics, mobile technology, and entertainment; in fact, he has developed a reputation for being a strong promoter and social networker.

Among his specialties, Harrington has counted among his accomplishments: fundraising for film production, marketing/business development for financial institutions, and improving accounting systems/managing corporate budgets within multiple organizations, and political campaigning.

Most recently, Harrington served as Southern California Field Director for the winning Donald Trump for President Campaign.  Additionally, he set-up the Trump campaign offices in San Diego and Orange County and managed canvassing targeting statewide, leading to Trump breaking the record for most votes ever received in a Republican primary. 

Harrington has also managed canvassing targeting for Republican Darrell Issa for Congress and his campaign in Orange County which the margin in OC made up for his defeat in San Diego and salvaged his win during the closest campaign of his time in office. He has assisted and led various other campaigns throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

The burgeoning filmmaker has begun to make inroads in Hollywood where he has produced Rodeo Girl with Kevin Sorbo and Crowning Jules with Kristy Swanson and Kevin Farley.

The bon vivant and seasoned traveler has lived throughout the western United States. After living in Colorado and Washington, Harrington moved to Southern California to attend Azusa Pacific University; his first job in the entertainment industry was as an intern for The Buried Life on MTV.

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