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What it's Like to Eat Tacos with Eric Bandholz

On a balmy January night in Laguna Beach California, I met a legend. And not just any legend, the legend and founder of this Urban Beardsman corner of the internet. We were the only ones in the quiet shack boasting 14 different kinds of fish tacos sitting on Pacific Coast Highway in between knick knack and surf shops.


The truth is I geek out over stuff like this. I don't take lightly the opportunity to quiz a man I look up to on how he built his company, how he balances spending time with his wife and daughter, hearing the traveling stories, and learning what I can from a guy who accomplished a dream that is a lot like mine to build something and inspire others.


Because I don't mess around with a chance to improve myself or snag a piece of wisdom I'm normally pretty quick on the draw with questions. But, Bandholz was faster, he wanted to know what I was about, and probably why I kept tweeting him all the time. He just listened and ate his tacos. I told him about my exit from corporate America and my first year and a half of freelancing full time. I told him about working in politics, and entertainment, and the story of growing out my beard.


He listened as I rambled and then was modest with his advice. He told me he had started and worked on several other ventures before arriving on Beardbrand. He told me to narrow my focus and start to really define for people what I'm good at. He told me I was young and had a good start, but not in the way so many others have written me off for my youth. He told me that there's no magic in production value, that if all you have is yourself and a camera, you can start sharing your ideas.


He reminded me that the conversation here is bigger than beards, it's about doing life on purpose, and chasing something that matters.


Thanks for the tacos Bandholz. Check him out on twitter at @bandholdz

Tell Brian to do something and he will figure out a creative way to make sure it gets done. His pure tenacity to just get out there and make something happen is one of a kind.
— Ian Blair, BuildFire
Great movies, require great producers. Brian is definitely one of them. He excels at not only relaying clear strategic plans, but goes above and beyond to find solutions, whilst also leaving every member involved feeling listened to and valued along the way. He’s a ‘must have’ for bringing any level of film to the finish line.
— Jen Horling, Sponge Designs
Brian is a top level marketer and understands the ins and outs of helping us effectively use our platform online.
— Jo Taeleifi, Mavericks Media Group
Brian values hard work like nobody I have worked with before. He couples that with an inventive and imaginative angle on everything he sets his mind to. A committed worker, taking great ownership of anything he is asked to do.
— Vincent Lehigh, PepsiCo - Frito Lay

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