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Will indie filmmakers lead a new content revolution? - Film Daily

Actor & producer Brian Harrington pointed out that “the abundance of streaming has definitely led to the need to make more deals happen for a filmmaker instead of one big deal in order to create a buzz or stay working.” However, this also means indie filmmakers are able to have their work viewed more easily than before, when they stood little chance competing with tentpole productions.

Orting native makes in Roads in Hollywood - Orting News

Orting native, actor, and producer Brian Harrington, became part of last night's Grammy Awards when the Foo Fighters new hit song "Run" became the "Best Rock Song" Grammy winner. Harrington who has a featured role in the "Run" music video (with the now famous hipster man-bun scene) Foo Fighters 'Run' Music Video is celebrating in Los Angeles where he lives with his newlywed wife Sherin in southern California.

Kwaaymii Point Elopement in the California Sunset | Junebug Weddings

This moody romantic Kwaaymii Point elopement will give you chills with how sweet and moving it is. Sherin and Brian shared a first look overlooking the California mountains, and continued with an intimate ceremony with just the two of them and their officiant, Eric Beeman.

HARRIS & DAVE: Off The Grid with Brian Harrington

Join Harris and Dave as they welcome political operative and Hollywood insider Brian Harrington!...

An Interview with Brian Harrington | Act Land

Brian Harrington is an actor who appears in the film Crowning Jules; here is a link to his website: Q: What made you interested in acting? A: I actually entered the entertainment world through the producing side of it.

Style Profile: Brian Harrington

Being a freelance marketing expert, I like to say I go for a unique professional look. With many of my clients I act as an intermediary between the creative types and the business types, so I work in both worlds. I also don't like combining shorts and socks.

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