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Monty Warner: Conservatives, Re-Think Your Giving

Conservatives, Re-Think Your Giving

By Monty Warner

The resurgence of the Right in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan was a sight to behold. The country had just been through a demoralizing period under Carter (no need to re-recite the record) and from those depths emerged opportunity for visionary ideas long espoused by Reagan, Jack Kemp, and others to finally get a true public hearing.

Complementing these men were conservative think tanks who believed in economic prosperity, personal liberty, and a strong national defense. They held glitzy conferences, began their own media entities, delivered sanguine speeches on the doctrine and developed mailing lists to cultivate and stay in contact with their followers and donors. In time, many millions flowed into their coffers from enthusiastic donors large and small.

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Will Swaim of California Policy Center | Sunday Morning Newsmakers | June 9th, 2019

Will Swaim, president of California Policy Center discusses Measure EE's election failure with host Larry Marino on Sunday Morning Newsmakers.

The proposed tax that failed was going to levy 16 cents per 100 square feet of property, meaning owners of a 2,000 square foot home would see their annual taxes increase by $320.

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Coast Denim Manufactured in Los Angeles Now Available at Lone Flag | Encinitas, CA

I’ve been a big fan of Nudie Jeans for a few years now and this shop Lone Flag in Encinitas, CA was the first place to help me get into them.

The guys from Lone Flag are now out with their own line of denim that are lightweight with simple branding. I picked up my first pair of Coast Denim today and can’t wait to wear them in.

From a Jan 18, 2019 Heddels Press Release:

“Made in Los Angeles and called such because they’re crafted with a 10.75oz. Candiani Italian denim — which happens to be the most environmentally-friendly standard mill in the world, according to retailer Lone Flag — that has two percent stretch, these also presumably come with fade potential, because it’s literally promised in the name. 

As far as specs go, the Super Fader is cut with a mid-high rise, a roomy top block and a “more dramatic” taper than the standard straight taper fit, and features-wise, they’re outfitted with a burly leather patch at the back.”


All pieces are sourced from the ultra-premium Candiani Mill in Italy that is the world's greenest denim producer and specializes in high-quality lightweight denim with subtle stretch elements. That's a win for all.

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