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2015 Year in Review

Courtesy of Mihael Blikshteyn - Tacoma, WA


In 2015 I put lifestyle design to the test working out of over 50 Starbucks in over 20 cities while spending more days with my family than I did in the last four years combined. Here's a sampling of some fun I had, all bold words are links:


2015 Technology I used:

Airbnb to go on vacation

Uber to ride across town

Apple Pay to buy groceries

Chromecast to watch youtube

Coinbase to invest in bitcoin and ether

Represent to sell tshirts

Southwest Credit Card to fly around

Mailchimp to keep in touch

Fitbit to track my steps

Evernote to track my thoughts

Squarespace to host my thoughts

Postmates to get food delivered

and Podcasts to be inspired by Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Casey Neistat, Donald Miller, BJ Novak, and Robert Rodriguez.


2015 Goals Accomplished:

Beat my fear of talking on the phone

Stopped biting my fingernails

Grew a beard

Did 100 push-ups in a row

Raised my credit score

Drove from LA to Seattle and back

Marketed a political campaign

Produced and distributed a movie

Had my blog sponsored by Blue Planet Eyewear


2015 Places and Things:

Drank an espresso in Portland

Toured the capitol in Sacramento

Rode the sounder in Seattle

Walked all over Los Angeles

Listened to Dierks Bentley in Chula Vista

Worked on a film set in Hollywood

Watched New Years fireworks on Pikes Peak

Ate a hot dog in Chicago

Bought a thrift store tshirt in Studio City

Went to church in Granger

Saw myself on the big screen in Jackson

Got off a train in South Bend

Threw some dice in Las Vegas

Watched the Broncos play in San Diego

Drove a Uhaul in Grand Rapids

Promoted my friend, Milo, on the radio in Guam

Acted in a commercial in Pendleton


In 2015 I worshiped a God who knows no limits and is infinitely good and literally wants to knock the socks off your life if you'll let him.

Above all else and bigger than all the fun I had this year, if you want to know God, then I look forward to talking with you in 2016.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Brian Harrington


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