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How to Cram a Ton of Productivity into One Day

Anyone who has talked to me in the last year has heard me bring up the name of one individual who has hugely affected my thinking on the processes of how to do big things. His name is Lucas Miles and he is a life coach/film producer/pastor. See below for a portion of his article on Defragmenting your calendar and then hop over to his website to read the whole thing:


In the world of computers there exists a term called “defragment”. Defragment is the process of consolidating fragmented data in order to create more space on your computer or hard drive. The basic idea is to delete gaps that exist between files, which once consolidated opens up additional room. Our daily planner is a lot like files on a hard drive. Throughout the week we insert various activities into our schedules with little rhyme or reason. For instance, on a given day, my schedule might look like this:

7:00am Workout
10:00am Coffee with Joe
12:00pm Lunch with Brian
3:00pm Phone Call with Ted

The problem with this is that my daily calendar only paints a partial picture of my day. I also have other phone calls to make, emails to write, blog posts to finish, and books to read. In reality, what happens is that after my workout at 7am, I shower and I’m ready by 9am, but my first meeting doesn’t happen until 10am. There’s a whole hour of unproductivity that exists between 9am-10am. Let’s assume that my coffee with Joe lasts an 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once we’re done, I realize that I don’t have enough time to head back to the office, so I check social media for a while in the car before heading over to lunch with Brian. Lunch lasts an hour and a half, which puts me back in the car at 1:30pm on my way back to my office. At 2pm, I’m back at the computer and ready to go. I knock out a few emails and then call Ted for our call at 3pm. Sound familiar?
So let’s look at the same calendar day after applying the concept of defragment...


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