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BitcoinIs Conference | Los Angeles, CA

Labor Day weekend 2019 was the Bitcoin Is conference at the Hudson Loft in Downtown LA hosted by NFL Football player and entrepreneur Russell Okung.

Okung famously did not hire an agent last time he switched NFL teams and asked to be paid in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Is Conference is Russell’s contribution to the Bitcoin community to educate and onboard Bitcoin Rookies while providing solid Bitcoin education.

I was thankful to attend with alot of my good friends from the Orange County Bitcoin Network and GiveBitcoin.

Notable Bitcoiners that took the stage included Saifedean Ammous, Jimmy Song, Alex Gladstein, Jill Carlson, Travis Kling, Kelly Lyons, Anne Connelly, Anthony Pompliano, Peter McCormack, Mati Greenspan, Jeremy Welch, and Olaoluwa Osuntoku.

Cool companies in attendance included GiveBitcoin, LibertyX, and Casa. Other sweet Bitcoiners that didn’t take the stage but were in attendance included Ragnar, Dan Held, Cory Klippsten, and Stephen Cole.

Here’s the full video of the whole day:

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