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David Bahnsen: The Case for Dividend Growth

In the era of Trump, it’s not just our political system that experiences some serious turbulence.

True, a single tweet from the president can grind the entire news cycle to a halt and send Washington into convulsions on a moment’s notice, but the market has long been just as volatile and responsive to political maneuverings in our nation’s capital.

Even as the economy continues to soar, the Dow Jones still pulls the occasional nosedive, and this can force investors and retirees into a rather uncomfortable position: how to invest their money in a way that leaves them and their children secure for decades to come, without sinking everything in a high-yield tech stock that might go belly-up any day. At the same time, investors and retirees don’t want to hide it away in a safe, stable, low-yield bond that won’t give them enough money to pay the bills.

In his new book The Case for Dividend Growth: Investing in a Post-Crisis World, David Bahnsen — the Chief Investment Officer of the Bahnsen Group wealth management firm — proposes one possible strategy for the risk-averse investor.

The book paints a picture of 2019 as a “post-post crisis” era where, after the tech bubble burst in the early 2000s and the housing bubble of ’08 burst, investors have been cowed by market volatility into a low-yield fixed-income strategy of investing.

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