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Future of AD73 Hangs in the Balance

Republicans in Orange County have a long summer ahead of them as they prepare for primary election day on Super Tuesday in March of 2020.

The assemblyman from AD73 in south Orange County is back in the news after this week’s OCGOP central committee meeting. The evening started with frustration over his about-face on support for the 241 toll road extension but then the meeting took a different turn:

CAGOP Update, Fireworks at OCGOP: AD73 Meltdown as Long Rumored Allegations Become Public and CA45 Identity Politics?

For several years, there had been rumors about the personal conduct of Bill Brough. He is reputed to be a heavy drinker with loose personal behavior. In particular, it was alleged that Brough has had multiple incidences of sexual harassment, including alleged outright issues of sexual assault (aka p

O.C. Sup. Lisa Bartlett, other women lodge accusations of harassment against Assemblyman Bill Brough

Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett and at least three other women say Assemblyman Bill Brough made aggressive, unwanted sexual advances against them in recent years, alleged incidents that the women say continue to haunt them. Brough, who represents Assembly District 73, denies the allegations, saying they are politically motivated.

Santana: State Assemblyman Bill Brough Under Fire For Alleged Harassment of Women

It's the Orange County sex scandal that few wanted to talk about. Until now. This past week at the OC GOP Central Committee monthly meeting, County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett lit the fuse, publicly challenging a proposed central committee endorsement of Republican State Assemblyman Bill Brough - who was apparently the subject of intense rumors last year when the state legislature was gripped by a series of sexual harassment allegations against several legislators.

'I still have nightmares': Four women accuse O.C. assemblyman of misconduct

Four women, including an Orange County supervisor, have accused Assemblyman William Brough (R-Dana Point) of unwanted touching and other misconduct. The allegations came to light last week, when Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett spoke out against an endorsement for Brough at an Orange County Republican Party meeting and claimed she'd had a negative encounter with the lawmaker.

AD-73 Update: Bill Brough - Is he Orange County's Duncan Hunter? Do His Donors Know How He Spends His Campaign Money?

In a quest for answers, I've talked to a ton of people in the last week since breaking the Lisa Bartlett story on 6-19-2019 (Again, thank you to the media outlets that attributed this blog) Right On Daily also broke the story of a female staffer last Thursday 6-20 that was also quoted in the LA Time

AD73 Update - Victim #4 Speaks Out. Graphic Details of an Assembly Rules Committee Cover-Up or Just Incompetence? CONTENT WARNING

Your intrepid blogger is now in receipt of the very same letter referenced in the LA Times from Victim #4 whose original Assembly Rules Committee complaint was dismissed on technicalities. In February of 2015, Assemblyman Bill Brough followed me into the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel and sexually batter

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