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Iglesias is Tip of the Spear for Conservatives in Orange County

It’s not often that a community leader is good on policy and good on rallying people around them. The amazing thing about Ceci Iglesias, Santa Ana Councilwoman, is that she is great at both.

Iglesias is widely known for her highly impactful Parent Union that teaches parents how to have more of a say in their children’s education. Her Facebook live videos educating the community routinely get 400 to 500 and sometimes even more views as she educates the community on all issues happening in the city.

Last November, the city of Santa Ana passed Orange County’s highest sales tax and now this year the city council is debating on how to spend the money. The Democrat majority has decided that they like the idea of using the new $25 million in revenue on a unsustainable and controversial raise for police in return for all the donations they received the police union. The conservatives on the council led by Iglesias are advocating for a more pragmatic approach that takes care of crucial citizen needs.

In retaliation, there have been rumors of an effort to recall Iglesias. If this ends up happening, we need to all have her back!

Voice of OC opinion editor, Norberto Santana, just wrote a great piece Santana: Conservative Latino Elected Leaders in Santa Ana Earn a Recall They Can Be Proud Of that highlighted Iglesias’ consistent stance on making the right fiscal decision and the right community decision. Funny enough the recall ended up stalling out before it got started giving more fuel to the flame of what we already knew, the Democrats have no answers for why they are driving a fiscal crisis in Santa Ana.

Council Woman Iglesias is a bright spot in Orange County and will continue to make waves, she is a conservative to watch.

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