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McNulty Makes the Case for Brandon Fricke for Congress

Beverly Hills, Malibu and Santa Monica are in desperate need of a makeover. A quick drive through the area shows trash, homeless encampments, traffic, graffiti, and crumbling roads. After being defeated at the ballot box for decades, the California GOP does not pay much attention to places like Los Angeles which are in desperate need of better representation in Congress. If the GOP won’t take this seat seriously, then it’s time for an independent who can identify with the constituents to take on Congressman Ted Lieu and make one of the best parts of the Golden State great again.

An independent has a chance to win in a district where Republicans have given up, as no strong Republicans are running for the seat. The Democrats have failed the constituents they claim to represent, and have failed to take meaningful action to address the homeless and mental health crisis, the open border, and have vowed to protect criminal illegal aliens despite the burden on California’s citizens.

One such independent running for office is Brandon Fricke, a California native, and fiancé to the brilliant Fox News personality Tomi Lahren. Fricke lives in Los Angeles County and is ready to make Congressman Ted Lieu face his record of failure in Congress. With the growing homeless problem, sanctuary city laws, lack of a secure border and the politicians’ protection of criminal illegal aliens, Fricke has a real chance as many constituents are fed up and tired with politicians not dealing with these local issues.

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