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OC Bitcoin Network Releases Fall Schedule with Big Names

The Orange County Bitcoin Network is a meet-up in Orange County California and the group just released their fall calendar of events.

Names that are easy to notice for those that have been around the Bitcoin community include Nik Bhatia and Dan Held.

Bhatia is on the research team of Open Node and Tantra Labs and on October 24th will be talking about the ‘Economics of Lightning Routing’

Dan Held recently sold his exchange Interchange to Kraken and now leads the business development team at Kraken. On November 21, Held will be having a fireside chat with OC Bitcoin Network founder Stephen Cole.

The meet-up is really planting a flag in the ground for being a place where Bitcoiners can connect with each other and learn more about Bitcoin.

Kicking off next week the group will be leading a discussion and training on Bitcoin Full Nodes 101 on September 19th and they are ending the year with a Holiday Party headlined by GiveBitcoin on December 10th.

GiveBitcoin is a new platform coming out with the goal of removing friction with bringing new people into Bitcoin by making it easy for people to give Bitcoin as time locked gifts to your friends and family essentially skipping them past all the noise and turning them into hodlers.

The energy around the group is really high and the encouragement from the Bitcoin community about the great events has been noticeable. 

The Los Angeles and Orange County Bitcoin scene is really taking off, just a couple weeks ago LA Chargers player Russell Okung hosted his BitcoinIs_ conference and the SoCal Lightning meet-up meets regularly in Downtown LA.

All the upcoming events in Orange County are hosted at the Eureka Building in Irvine, CA.

Everyone from hardcore Bitcoiners to skeptics to casually interested are encouraged to RSVP at

Full Nodes 101 with Vivek

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