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Santa Ana Fiscal Crisis on Brink and Orange County Democrat Party Majority Has No Answers

In a great piece by Norberto Santana at the Voice of OC, Santana completely takes to task the Democrat majority on the Santa Ana City Council for driving an unnecessary fiscal crisis.

Below are the best quotes, read the full piece at Voice of OC

A recall attempt on two city council members in Santa Ana has revealed an odd partisan twist to the city’s latest budget battle – whether to spend $25 million in new sales tax revenues on police raises as opposed to neighborhood investments.

Conservatives—Republican Cecilia Iglesias and independent Juan Villegas—have advocated neighborhood investments like parks, sewers and homelessness response.

Democrats—Mayor Miguel Pulido along with Council members Jose Solorio, Vince Sarmiento and David Penaloza— backed police raises.

After investing more than $400,000 in political campaign contributions in last year’s Blue Wave election, Santa Ana’s police union soon found itself with a friendly city council majority for a controversial pay raise package.
— Voice of OC, May 13, 2019
So far, Santa Ana’s Blue Wave is mostly doubling down on the status quo.

In turn, it’s come to two conservative Latino elected leaders to stand up on the dais to incredible political pressure, not only saying no to police spending but also asking tough questions about community investments in the city’s children and fiscal future.
— Voice of OC, May 13, 2019
Orange County Democrat Party Chairwoman Ada Briceño didn’t have much comment about Santa Ana other than to say party leaders were monitoring the situation.
— Voice of OC, May 13, 2019

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