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The 4 Most Secure Cryptocurrencies That You Have Never Heard of


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Spring 2018 Cryptocurrency Update | Brian Harrington


The 4 Most Secure Cryptocurrencies That You Have Never Heard of

The news and media are full of Bitcoin and how high the value has risen to. This brings lots of speculation if there is a cryptocurrency bubble that is ready to burst.

What the media do not mention are the numerous altcoins which there are apart from BTC. With this focus on BTC, everything becomes speculative without other cryptocurrency models being explained as they deserve.

Other Cryptocurrencies

To have cryptocurrency explained in depth can take a long time as things change quickly and there are many variances between the many altcoins that are now in circulation.

One other thing the media tends to lead individuals away from is the investment opportunity that is still available, and continue to focus on the rise or fall of the BTC value.

Some coins are created which deal with specific industries or groups that will never benefit end users for everyday transactions. When choosing an investment opportunity, cryptocurrencies have to benefit individuals as they are the driving force and are the ones who have the combined voice in which to change things.

Crypto Alternatives

In circulation, there are close to 1000 cryptocurrencies with this figure changing on a regular basis. This makes it more important for any investment to be carefully considered. Any crypto you choose should have strong cryptography to protect your investment. This will prevent the chance of any hackers being able to break into your digital wallets.

To fully understand the best alternatives to BTC it is better to see the flaws they aim to fix with BTC and the Blockchain.


Verge has been designed to be used every day. It has improved on the original blockchain to give individuals and businesses decentralized fast, efficient payment alternatives without slower transaction times. This it aims to do while maintaining an individual’s privacy.


This cryptocurrency is open-source and untraceable while being accessible to everyone. Control is passed back to the end user, and all transactions are kept away from prying eyes.

An individual’s IP address does not need to be disclosed for any transaction and uses the same secure technology as the darknet. This is the aim of Monero, yet this side project (Kovri) is still under development.


This coin does not only seek to revolutionize cryptocurrencies the company is set to transform the way we currently use the internet. This is done with the company's Skywire technology that breaks to internet into nodes. Skycoin works securely together with this P2P mesh network.

Internet control is given back to users rather than complete control being in the hands of ISPs and governments who push restrictions onto these companies.

SKY has been built from the ground up and follows Satoshi's original vision of decentralized currency. It breaks away from BTC and blockchain eliminating their flaws and is one of the very few third generation cryptocurrency options available.


This crypto follows in the footsteps of SKY and is based on a P2P based network. Although it brings instant payments much like PayPal, it is still based on top of the blockchain technology which SKY has broken away from.

Rather than eliminating the need for transaction and coin mining, this coin has improved the way they are performed.

Dash, unlike BTC, operates on a two-tier system which in a way copies SKY and Skywire yet it still requires mining of coins. However, this crypto has gone through changes and fixed many of the problems it had in its early years and is possibly a decent investment opportunity.

Cryptocurrency Conclusion

All of these are a good cryptocurrency to invest in yet the one which is looking to return to the true vision of a decentralized currency is SKY. As it requires no mining of coins electricity consumption is vastly reduced making it more eco-friendly.

The time for cryptocurrencies to be invested in is far from over. Things have a long way to go before a final goal has been reached and there is nothing new being introduced.

The blockchain is a robust technology which is better suited for larger businesses., and has yet to reach full maturity as a technology.

The real growth in cryptocurrencies is when they become as easy to use as regular money that is in your pocket.

Skywire and SKY together are looking to bring this opportunity to the masses shortly. The creators have learned from all the mistakes and the “Proof of, “ flaws associated with BTC and blockchain.

Rather than jumping on the crypto bandwagon, and releasing a coin that is not worthy of the users it will support.

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