Brian Harrington

"The multi-hyphenate hipster is an entrepreneur, film producer, actor, and political consultant."

Brian Harrington is an anomaly for any millennial-- the multi-hyphenate hipster is an entrepreneur, film producer, and actor.

The Janus Victory: One Year Later | California Policy Center | Mackinac Center | Liberty Justice Center

In a hip upper scale co-working space of a Los Angeles skyrise, a mix of freedom fighters, political activists, lawyers, press, teachers, and public employees met to have a townhall on the one year anniversary of the Janus Decision at the supreme court.

Notable people in attendance included Former Governor and Senator Pete Wilson, Mark Janus the winning plaintiff in the Supreme Court Decision, Carl DeMaio of Reform California, Will Swaim of California Policy Center, Pat Hughes of Liberty Justice Center, Bill Messenger of Right to Work, Katherine Bathgate of School Forward, Seth Morrison of Lincoln Club, Rebecca Friedrichs, Tommy Few, and Keith Williams

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