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"The multi-hyphenate hipster is an entrepreneur, film producer, actor, and political consultant."

Brian Harrington is an anomaly for any millennial-- the multi-hyphenate hipster is an entrepreneur, film producer, and actor.

The Portal | Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein Talk About All Fields in Stagnation

A smart guy on the right (Peter Thiel) and a smart guy on the left (Eric Weinstein) talk for three hours on how all fields are in stagnation.

Billionaire Technologist and Investor Peter Thiel is the guest as he joins Eric Weinstein in the studio to Launch "The Portal": a new podcast and video channel dedicated to our search for a path to a more transcendent and transformative future together. Peter and Eric discuss the link between growth and violence and the need to rejoin the quest for a more energizing future for all levels of society.

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