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"The multi-hyphenate hipster is an entrepreneur, film producer, actor, and political consultant."

Brian Harrington is an anomaly for any millennial-- the multi-hyphenate hipster is an entrepreneur, film producer, and actor.

The Buried Life Internship

The Buried Life internship was my first job in the entertainment industry and it started with that tweet.

I caught up with Ben Nemtin yesterday at one of many hip coffee shops in Venice, CA to hear about what the guys have been up to.

Ben, Dave, and Duncan all run Theos, a production company, while Jonnie is studying to get his Ph.D.

Good news for TBL fans is the word on the street is there may be a feature length documentary in development.

Theos has put out Movie Night with Karlie Kloss on Freeform, Greatest Party Story Ever on MTV, and Dare to Live on MTV

Ben has also been doing a lot of great speaking events and still inspiring others to chase after their bucket list.

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