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Three Republicans of MWDOC Vote to Appoint Liberal Democrat to Board Vacancy

From a June 5, 2019 MWDOC press release:


Fountain Valley, CA (June 5, 2019) – The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) has appointed Robert R. McVicker, a semi-retired civil engineer with a long history in the water industry, as Director of Division 3. Director McVicker will fill the seat formerly held by Wayne S. Osborne, who retired in April 2019. Director McVicker will represent the areas of Cypress, Fountain Valley, Los Alamitos, Stanton, Westminster, the western portion of Garden Grove, and nearby portions of unincorporated Orange County.

The board of MWDOC has an overwhelmingly Republican majority

MWDOC Republican Majority.png

There were 9 potential candidates for this vacancy appointment, 7 were Republican and 2 were Democrats.

MWDOC Candidate Profiles.jpg

Larry Dick, Sat Tamaribuchi, and Jeff Thomas led the effort and chose to appoint a Democrat with no elected history over well qualified Republicans with long records of public service.

This is a poor decision to give up an opportunity to fill a seat and fill it with a Democrat. Larry, Sat, and Jeff are responsible for giving the liberal Democrat party a foothold in these communities. They are responsible for expanding the political bench of a party that is interested in open borders, expanding socialism, and ruining the state financially.

ICYMI: Mark Bucher, CEO of California Policy Center Talks Measure EE | John and Ken | KFI AM 640

California Policy Center CEO and Lincoln Club of Orange County Board Member Mark Bucher joined the John and Ken Show on KFI to talk about the defeat of Measure EE.

This past Tuesday, people went out to vote on the special election the Los Angeles Unified School District had over Measure EE. Measure EE would have enacted a parcel tax that allegedly would have brought in more money to the LAUSD.

However, it was announced Wednesday that Measure EE was defeated with only 45.7% of voters voting in favor of the measure.

So what could have led to such a defeat?

Well, the first and most obvious one is that tax payers are becoming skeptical of LAUSD actually spending its funds in a wisely.

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